Steffey/Bartholomew Group, LLC

Native American Woman Owned

Steffey/Bartholomew Group, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company, also known as "SBG" was established in 2013 by Dan Steffey and Jacqueline Bartholomew (Navajo).  Our objective is to provide excellent underground utility service in the Southwest.  SBG has a combined 30 years of underground utilities and construction work experience.

Incorporated Since 2013

We specialize in underground utility such:

  • Dry Utilities
    • Directional Drilling
    • Communications
    • Gas Trenching & Sleeving
  • Wet Utilities
    • NFPA 24 Certified
    • CMP Storage Tanks
    • Sewer/Water Lines
    • Storm Drains
    • Fire Lines
  • Rock Exacavation
  • Fiber Optics
  • Grading, Pad, and Retention Wall
  • Trench Safety & Hazardous Material